Sunday, December 12, 2010

Government to Our Detriment

Many politicians, prodded by the insight they receive from mainstream economists, are misdirected on what is the proper stimulus to boost our economy. Little do these incompetent politicians know that their short-term good intentions, usually in the form of meticulous legislation, leads us down the same path which secedes more of our human choice to centralized planning. If one actually looked at the empirical evidence that is so prevalent today, they would be able to find that all the problems we are faced with connect at a nexus that hinders the one fundamental fact that separates Americans from any other statist nation. This truth is the liberty and freedom of which are innate in the human experience, and that we express within our capitalist system. This Capitalist system functions best when we remove all fetters that suppress these ideas humans expound with their actions. It is until we are truly free of these indirect units, most commonly being government, that a human can finally and more efficiently transform their morals and ethics into concrete physical form, through choice within the Free-Market.

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