Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Government Laws Hurt the Environment

I was once made aware of this scientist named Guy Negre when visiting France back in 2004. This Frenchman created a technology nowhere else available at the time. He has created an engine that runs on pure air, the air we breathe. All that is required of this engine is the energy to recharge the engine, such as plugging it into the wall. Yet they are also creating a further technology that will allow the engine to recharge itself on-board without needing to plug it in, creating a cyclical recharging of the engine. Wow! Imagine that, no externalities, no pollution.

Here we are in America, with our safety standards imposing laws to keep people safe, and government laws finding ways to measure externalities (as if they can be measured somehow), and the technology to reduce pollution to nothing actually exists. Safety standards are intended to keep people safe on “the government's” public roads, yet safety standards prevent these inventions from being mass produced or entering the market. Moreover, if the roads were private, the rules would be left up to the private owner. This would mean that an air car could be driven on these roads. Furthermore, patents harm the lowering of prices by not allowing this technology to become ubiquitous, all for the benefit of the state and it's practice of crony capitalism.

With the array of government laws, the barriers to entry of these French men entering the US market has prevented this car from arriving here. From what has been seen is that Honda will be the first to now bring their air car into the US market. It seems the agreement between the corporate powers of Japan and the US will only allow the government to make way for their desired seller to enter the market. Even though Guy Negre created the air car concept, government has thoroughly displayed its only method of accessing new inventions, and that is through crony capitalism. On the free market, there are neither corporations nor any monopolies. Government creates these things. On a free market, an air car does not have to be so expensive or rare as is the case with the Honda air car, but it can be mass produced, cheap and a car everyone wants to drive for its economical existence. Government laws have hindered such progress, and will only further hinder it. Not only is there an air car that we are deprived of driving or seeing around, but there is also another car that runs on wood.

States like California should take a good look at this form of innovation and progress these inventions afford us. Especially since the state feels subsidizing green energy will lead to less externalities and less harm to the environment than would be the case with no government. Private competitors have the incentive to make profits, and this could mean mass producing cheap and environmentally safe cars as is the case with the air car. The state’s laws destroy the environment; they do not preserve or help the environment at all.

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